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Membership is open to all Jews and non-Jews who agree with Tikvat Yisrael's Doctrinal Statement, and have taken the History Vision & Purpose of Messianic Judaism Class, either at Tikvat .  

A new class will be starting soon, stay tuned for announcements or make sure you receive our e-newletter, scroll to the bottom and enter your email address so that you'll be notified.

Membership benefits

Membership at Tikvat provides: First, a personal benefit to you because when you are committed, we bear greater fruit together, it also brings stability with a strong core of people. 2. It places you and your family under the anointing of the congregation and its leadership 3. It places you and your family under the prayer ministry of the congregation and it leadership. 4. Membership gives you access to pastoral counseling for important decisions and or problems, etc. and visitation when needed. 5. It opens the door for your serving ministry in the congregation 6. It opens the door for leadership opportunities as the Lord leads. 7. It opens the door for involvement in our small groups 8. Gives you participation in our community services. 9. Membership gives you the love and support of other members of the congregation who see you as a committed member and not just a visitor. 10. Enables leaders to know for whom they are accountable (the shepherd must know who is in the flock). 

New members are received once a month on Shabbat Rosh Chodesh; certificates of membership are issued. See Tikvat's calendar for the dates of Shabbat Rosh Chodesh once a month. To review Tikvat's Doctrines choose "Our Vision & Beliefs"