budget preparation forms

Download this FORM TEMPLATE to use for constructing your annual budget for your ministry.  Usually, budgets are due in the late Fall in preparation for next year's planning.  

2018 BUDGET IS DUE NOV. 4, 2017 (final M. Head's Meeting for 2017)

new! Video of the deacon's ordination

Check out the video, but also scroll down for other important docs and forms and leadership information!

Ministry online Expense Form

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Seven foundations of spiritual leadership

All Ministry Heads must understand these 7 Foundations of Leadership - remind yourself often of these principles to sharpen your Messianic Ministry Leadership Skills

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ministry heads list

Who are the Ministry Heads?  Sometimes the list changes, please click here to download the latest list of current Ministry Leaders. 

additional ministry heads resources

Below is a list of additional resources for Ministry Heads

  • We are now providing some EXCELLENT audio teachings from Messianic Rabbi's and leaders in the movement (Rabbi Jonathan Kahn, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, Rabbi David Chernoff, Rabbi Michael Wolf, Rabbi Frank Lowinger, and many others)!.  All leaders at Tikvat Yisrael are encouraged to get continued enrichment on best practices and leadership principles.  Many of these teachings have been given at the Annual IAMCS Rabbi's Conferences.  These are all FREE for you to listen to, please take the time to do so and improve your skills.  CLICK THE HEADING ABOVE TO ACCESS THE MEDIA PAGE FOR LEADERSHIP TRAINING.

  • This section contains "College Level" classes beyond leadership enrichment; for the serious student.  This is for Tikvat Leaders only, the material is copy-written and may not be shared.  Check out the contents and feel free to take these classes.  CLICK THE HEADER TO GO TO THE LEADER'S YESHIVA PAGE.

  • Staff & Ministry leaders manual

    Click Here for the most updated copy of the Policies & Procedures for Ministry Leaders at Tikvat Yisrael.

  • blanket tax-exempt form

    Remember to always us this Tax Exempt form when making purchases - We are Tax Exempt!  Our EIN # is on this form!

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  • dangerous theology - (must read)

    The "One Law One People" Teaching (aka 2 House, or "2 Sticks") is a very dangerous heresy that is plaguing our movement.  ALL LEADERS MUST BE FAMILIAR WITH THIS DESTRUCTIVE TEACHING AND BE READY TO CONFRONT IT WHEN YOU COME ACROSS IT IN THE CONGREGATION.  NOTE: "Not IF, but WHEN you come across it."  CLICK HERE for the full white paper on this issue.

  • black nationalism - black replacement theology

    Another dangerous false teaching, which is really not new, is a form of Replacement Theology that preys on the African American Christian Community, known as "Black Nationalism" and Black Hebrew Israelite Movement.  In late 2008, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) described as black supremacist what it called "the extremist fringe of the Hebrew Israelite movement". It wrote that the members of such groups "believe that Jews are devilish impostors and ... openly condemn whites as evil personified, deserving only death or slavery". 

    As most African-Americans cannot trace their roots farther back than the days of U.S. slavery; often this community is ripe to hear that they are the "True Israel"; and anything else is just a "conspiracy" of the white man.  There is even a local congregation here in Cleveland that is promoting this theology, and it has affected some former members of Tikvat.  Leaders must be aware of this dangerous theology.  

    What is Black Nationalism - (i.e. Black Israelite) Theology? CLICK HERE

    Local Black Nationalist Group (pg. 1)  CLICK HERE

    Local Black Nationalist Group (pg. 2)  CLICK HERE

    False Teacher Ralph Messer - Crowning Eddie Long as King  with MJAA/UMJC response  CLICK HERE

2017 Financial Report

In the slide show below, you can view the annual report made to the Ministry Heads in January 2017.  Contact the Elders with any questions.  This information is for Ministry Head's only please.