what tikvat yisrael does not believe...

The following articles and white papers are official positions of the Board of Elders at Tikvat Yisrael Messianic Synagogue and are in agreement with our affiliation with the IAMCS, (International Alliance of Messianic Congregations & Synagogues). 

  • Not to be confused with legitimate African-Jews from Ethiopia and other nations, this position paper identifies a dangerous, extreme and sometimes violent philosophy that preys on African-Americans primarily.  This position paper exposes the false teachings, but also validates Tikvat's position on true African Jews such as the Beta Israel from Ethiopia.  Click the image left or the title above to download the position paper. 

  • We, as Messianic Jews, have become increasingly concerned that there are a growing number of individuals and groups today promoting the idea that all the world’s believers in the Messiah - Gentiles especially - ought to be observing Torah principles, particularly the Shabbat, the feasts, and kosher diet. The doctrine has been around since the day of the Apostles, in different forms, but today it has come to be known as “One Law One People” or just “One Law,” for short. It insists upon Gentile Torah observance universally. Most of those who teach it, also promote false theories about Israel identity as well. Recently, some of the more prominent One Law teachers have banded together and begun using the label “Hebrew Roots” to describe themselves as a movement. This nomenclature is regrettable from our point of view, since it causes confusion, it does not follow the Jewish Apostles teaching in Acts 15 & 21 and is simply unbiblical. Click the link to download the entire explanation here.  A secondary white paper is also available entitled "Ephraimite Error" here.

  • Another "false teaching" that has pervaded our movement is known as "Unrecognized Mediation".  Unrecognized Mediation is a theological concept stating that some unspecified number of traditional Jewish people are saved by Yeshua and  walking in that salvation without knowing it or having a conscious personal relationship with the Messiah. They have never consciously received Him by faith.  Click this LINK to download the position paper, or the title above or image to the left.  

  • See this white paper for our community's policy on claims of Jewish identity.

  • Is there such a thing as an "oral Torah" that was given by God to the Jews? Rabbinic Orthodox Judaism is founded on the mythological premise that Moses received not just a written Torah, but also an oral Torah from God at Sinai, which was supposedly passed on to future rabbinic leaders right up to today. The mythology of the oral Torah gained traction in the aftermath of the fall of the Second Temple in the year 70 C.E., and as the Talmud was written during the centuries following. In the same generation that witnessed the fall of the Temple Jewish people by the thousands, throughout Israel and the Diaspora, were proclaiming that Yeshua is the Son of David, King of Israel, and the Messiah promised by the Jewish prophets of the Tanakh (Old Testament). In this book you will see that the "Torah" of rabbinic Judaism is actually a non-Torah, created for the purpose of leveraging the power of those who created the myth. Meanwhile, the true salvation of Israel and of all the world is found written in the pages of the Bible - both Tanakh and New Testament. In this age of the modern messianic Jewish revival, the mythology of oral Torah is being exposed, and the true Messiah is being revealed to Jewish people everywhere.