ברוכים הבאים

We are a biblically based community of Jewish and Gentile believers committed to faith in the Jewish Messiah-Yeshua (Jesus), of whom the Torah of Moses and the prophets spoke. we follow a Messianic lifestyle as taught by the Apostles, celebrate the feasts of Israel, and observe other Jewish traditions. We teach that Jewish people who believe in Yeshua remain Jewish while Gentile believers may practice Jewish customs and holidays without the requirement to become Jewish   



@ 10:30 a.m. sat.

9319 mayfield rd.

chesterland, OH. 44026

what is messianic judaism?

Rabbi Explains the Messianic Jewish Movement

what to expect at a Messianic synagogue service?

Our community is serious about maintaining our Jewish identity, while at the same time preserving our faith in the Messiah Yeshua.  Our services are a blend of traditional Hebrew liturgy, Torah readings, as well as dynamic Messianic style praise and worship with Davidic dance.  We are a Messianic Synagogue that welcomes Anyone & Everyone who wishes to worship with us, including Interfaith Families and non-Jews. A ger tzedik (righteous God-fearer) is an honored non-Jewish person, one who casts her/his lot with the Jewish people and community (i.e. “Ruth”).    All members of the congregation have the opportunity to participate in services with an “Aliyah” (explained below).  

guide to our services

Use the link below to learn more about what to expect at one of our services, how the worship is structured and the unique prayers and traditions of Messianic Jewish Shabbat Services