Holy land tour 2016

We are excited once again to plan our second Messianic Jewish Tour of Israel with all of our friends and family. This is YOUR invitation to join us and all of your friends from Tikvat Yisrael on a 10 day journey through Eretz Yisrael and the footsteps of our Messiah Yeshua! We will spend time in the Galilee where 90% of everything Messiah said and did were performed. We’ll make our way down to the Dead Sea and visit the Qumran community where the oldest manuscripts of the Bible were discovered. We’ll visit Masada and make our way to Elah Valley, and the Ayalon Institute and Beersheva and finally the City of the Great King: Jerusalem. We will visit places that are unique to Jewish Believers in Messiah and you will witness awesome antiquities that confirm and validate our faith in the God of Israel! Make your plans now to join us for this exciting and life-changing experience. All are welcome to come and taste and see the goodness of Adonai on this journey. This is also a great way to stand and support the nation of Israel by visiting and support Israel’s tourist industry. Let’s go and enjoy the “Land of Milk & Honey” together!


tour information

Be sure to check out several links below for documents and online information about all the details of this tour.

  • Click the header or the pic to the left to view the details and itinerary of the tour and even reserve your spot (only $300 deposit) online here. 

  • If you prefer to print or download a copy of the brochure, click the header above or the pic to the left.  All the "fine print" is included. 

  • things to know before you go...

    First time travelers have many questions: "How to get a Passport?", "What will the weather be like?", "What currency must we bring?", "Do I need a Visa?", "Will we be safe?".  For answers to these and many more questions online click here. For a download brochure on how to prepare for your trip click here.  Also, travel insurance is highly recommended, click here to download travel insurance for this tour. 

  • Travel safety

    Click Here for important information on E.O.'s polices on TRAVEL SAFETY for this tour.

2016 Trip to Israel - Mikveh in the Jordan!

If you were one of those who came with us to Israel in 2016 and were immersed in the Jordan, look carefully at the video below for your turn!  For others, come next time, and you too can experience a Mikveh in the Jordan River!