what is hanukkah?

Chanukah, the Jewish festival of Dedication, also known as the festival of lights, is an eight day festival beginning on the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev. Antiochus IV was in control of the region of what we know as Israel today. He began to oppress the Jews severely, placing a Hellenistic priest in the Temple, massacring Jews, prohibiting the practice of the Jewish religion, and desecrating the Temple by requiring the sacrifice of pigs on the altar. Two groups opposed Antiochus: a basically nationalistic group led by Mattathias the Hasmonean and his son Judah Maccabee, and a religious traditionalist group known as the Chasidim, the forerunners of the Pharisees. They joined forces in a revolt against both the assimilation of the Hellenistic Jews and oppression by the Selucid Greek government. The revolution succeeded and the Temple was rededicated. In the Book of John 10:22, Yeshua the Messiah is depicted as being in the Temple during this Feast. As Messianic Jews we recognized that the light of the Messiah is in us and we are also, "rededicated" to Him. 

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What is Oneg?  The word "Oneg" in Hebrew means "Delight". Tikvat Yisrael celebrates and delights in holidays and festivals often with a community meal together. Many people maybe unfamiliar with the Biblical Laws of Kashrut, or what is referred to as simply "Kosher". While there is a difference between "Biblical" Kosher, and "Rabbinical" certified Kosher, here at Tikvat we adhere to the Biblical Rules, while observing the Rabbinical whenever we participate in the greater Jewish community.

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