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Rabbi Eric Lakatos and Rebbetzin Gisela Lakatos


Messianic Rabbi Eric David Lakatos serves as rabbi of Tikvat Yisrael Messianic Synagogue.  He and his wife Gisela have 5 children and reside in Solon, Ohio.

Rabbi Eric is committed to Messianic Jewish revival, seeing Jewish and non-Jewish people discipled as believers in the Messiah; and building the Messianic Jewish community here in Cleveland..

Prior to his rabbinical career in ministry and his faith, Rabbi Eric was born and raised in a secular Jewish home in Toledo, Ohio. While the family did not discuss their Jewish background, Eric grew up hearing stories from his grandmother, Lucille (Forman) Lakatos, about his Jewish heritage. As Rabbi Eric shares: “Lakatos is a Hungarian ethnic name and it means, “locksmith”. My grandfather was born in Budapest. Our Jewish lineage was kept mostly quiet growing up, that is until I came to believe in Yeshua, and then my Jewish heritage took on a whole new meaning for me and my family.”

At age 18, Eric was first introduced to the Good News of the Messiah, Yeshua and received his faith in Him. Afterwards, he began his biblical studies at Southwestern AG University, and the IAMCS Yeshiva, he also carries a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. In 1997, he became the rabbi of Adat Adonai Messianic Jewish Synagogue in Toledo, Ohio, and was licensed by the International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues (IAMCS) and served there for 5 years. He later relocated to Cincinnati, and attended Beth Messiah Messianic Synagogue, and studied under Rabbi Michael Wolf who himself was a disciple of Martin Chernoff, who is considered a Pioneer and founder of Beth Messiah and of the modern Messianic Jewish Movement in America.

In 2008, Rabbi Eric became the leader of Tikvat Yisrael Messianic Synagogue and in 2010, he launched “Light to the Nations” a teaching ministry to all believers sharing the Good News of Messiah, the Jewish Roots of the Faith and the Restoration of Israel.

In 2013, Rabbi Eric was given Smicha (The laying on of hands) and is an ordained rabbi within the IAMCS. To read the complete article from the Messianic Times click on the certificate below.


Ms. Barbara Brick (Administrative Assistant)


Barb has been Tikvat’s Administrative Assistant/Office Manager for the past four years.  She also volunteers in the PowerPoint ministry.  She has been walking with the Lord for over 35 years, and has been part of the Tikvat mishpocha for four years.



Mr. Harold Baum (Outreach Director)


In addition to being the Outreach Director, Harold volunteers as the cantor and chavurah leader. He has been saved for approximately 20 years and has a daughter named Rachael. Harold is a strong believer in Twelve Step programs.

Harold's motto is "Let go and let God."

Come to Tikvat Yisrael if you have a love for the land of Yisrael.

Mrs. Sonia (Benjamin) Bihary (Worship Director)


Sonia (Sonny) is our Worship Director and one of two worship leaders at Tikvat. She has been leading worship for the past 27 years. She also writes worship music that the Lord gives her and enjoys ministering through music, dance, and prayer.

Sonia has walked with the Lord for 33 years. She has a husband, Rick, who is also on her worship team. They have ministered together in worship at many other congregations, home groups, etc.

Sonia's desire, more than anything, is to bring the congregation into the presence of Ha Shem; to get out of the way, so that the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) may have His way in our worship. May God receive all the glory!

Mrs. Kim Richardson
(Project Manager)


Kim is committed to spreading the gospel, making Yeshua (aka Jesus, the Coolest) known, and helping people reach their God-given potential through their individual gifts and talents. Her rich and diverse training and experience in ministry, the arts, business, and information technology have enabled her to spread the gospel in very creative ways around the world and teach others to do the same.

Kim is married to one of the best husbands on the planet and has one of the most interesting families (natural, spiritual, and otherwise).  She is a multi-generational "PK" (pastor's kid), and loves walking with God, studying His Word, living in the supernatural, operating in the Gifts of the Spirit, and fervently interceding for God's will and glory to be established in the earth. Kim and her husband, Nate began attending Tikvat shortly after Rabbi Eric arrived.



Rabbi Elliott Katz

Messianic Rabbi Elliott Richard Katz assists Rabbi Eric as a Shammash, leading Liturgy and in the area of teaching at Tikvat Yisrael Messianic Synagogue. He and his Nancy have 2 children.

Rabbi Elliott and his wife are committed to Tikvat Yisrael and the Messianic community there and make the 90 minute drive from western PA each week. It is their heart that all of Israel might come to know their Jewish Messiah as well as unbelieving Gentiles.

Rabbi Elliott was born and raised in an observant Conservative Jewish home in Kansas City. First hearing about the promised Messiah from his Hebrew School teachers, it was at the University of Kansas that Elliott was told about the Jewish Messiah-Yeshua from another Jewish believer. After he came to faith, he helped with the college ministry and after receiving is B.S.J in Advertising and a M.B.A in Finance and Accounting, he moved back to Kansas City where he helped with Home Groups and a Messianic Havarah Group for a number of years.

A job change took him to Neosho, Mo for 10 years where he was asked to be an Elder in the Assembly of God Church, along the way presenting Messiah in the Passover. Another divine call came when the family moved to Houston. It was there the family attended Beth Messiah Messianic Congregation, as their children received their Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Elliott obtained his Smichah (Ordination as a Messianic Rabbi through the U.M.J.C.. He also served as a Shammash helping out in the synagogue in various areas.

After a brief time in St. Louis where he helped in the leadership of another Messianic congregation, he took a position in Western, Pa where he and his wife currently live.


Joyce (Abelson) Iammarino


Rabbi Eric Lakatos